Analisis Kelayakan Usaha Genteng Morando Super Viki di Kecamatan Martapura Kabupaten OKU Timur

  • Alvinando Saputra Universitas Bina Darma
  • Christofora Desi Kusmindari Universitas Bina Darma
Keywords: Feasibility, Market Share, Projection Of Sales Increasing, Net Cash Flow, Investment PV, I.R.R


Industrial activities in villages and cities, especially MSMEs are famous for their main source of income for their families, this is
no exception for the Morando Super Viki Tile SMEs, in Martapura District, East OKU Regency. Based on the evaluation
results of the owner of the company, the previous failure was more due to the shape and size of the roof tiles that did not match the
rapidly changing market demand, while on the other hand, the supply of old concrete roof tiles was still a lot, but it was outdated.
Thus, this study aims to determine the development of the Morando Super Viki tile business in Martapura District, East OKU
Regency, which is feasible to develop based on the payback period (PP) method, internal rate of return IRR, and benefit cost ratio
(BCR), as well as its projection for 5 years. forward. The result is 1. With a market share of 10% of the total demand in East
OKU Regency, it is quite feasible because it is above the industry average. 2. The projection of sales increasing by 40% per year is
too optimistic and not reasonable, reasonable sales growth is equal to the industry average, which is 10% per year.3. From the
financial aspect, namely positive Net Cash Flow, Investment PV is greater than total investment, payback period 2 years 10
months (less than 5 years), I.R.R 21.73% > 1, Profitability Index 1.16 > 1, and Benefit Cost Ratio 1.15 > 1. All financial
aspects indicate business feasibility and meet investment requirements/criteria

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