Analisis Kerusakan Jalan Tambang Muara Tiga Besar Pt. Bukit Asam Tbk

  • Prabtama Hernandi Universitas Bina Darma
  • Firdaus Firdaus Universitas Bina Darma
Keywords: Mine Road, Damage Level, Road Geometry, CBR


Mine Road is a special road intended for mining activities and located in a mining area or project area consisting of supporting roads and mining roads. Muara Tiga Besar (MTB) Mine Road PT. Bukit Asam Tbk. has a road length of 3.4 km and a road width of 15-20 meters. The existence of damage to the Muara Tiga Besar mine road is one of the factors for not achieving the coal production target in Semester 1 of 2021. Therefore, to overcome these problems, an analysis is needed to determine the cause of the damage to the Muara Tiga Besar mine road.

In this study, a survey and data analysis of the level of damage to mining roads was carried out, guided by the Kep Menteri ESDM No 1827 Th (2018), the percentage of the total damage area on the MTB mining road was 42.05% with details of 3.68% low severity, 13.59% level of damage. moderate severity and high severity 24.78%. While the total damage volume is 4875.99 m³ with details of low severity 49.62 m³, moderate severity 366.37 m³, and high severity 4460 m³. In addition, a survey and analysis of road geometry (road width and cross slope) was also conducted and the results showed that the road width had met the minimum standards in accordance with the rule of thumb proposed by AASHTO (American Association Of State Highway And Transportation Officials) (1990). As for the cross slope value, there are still some segments that do not meet the standards adopted in Indonesia (2% - 4%) such as the R-S which has an average cross slope value below 10 cm (< 2%). The results of the analysis compared to field CBR testing carried out using the Portable Impulse Plate Load Test Device in accordance with ASTM-E2835-11 showed that the CBR value in the O-P road segment was the lowest segment, namely 8.32%, far from the standard value set. PT. Bukit Asam Tbk for dump truck haul roads with a capacity of 30 tons, namely 40%.

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Prabtama Hernandi, Universitas Bina Darma

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Firdaus Firdaus, Universitas Bina Darma

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