Analisa Pengaruh Limbah Kerang Darah (Anadara Granosa) Sebagai Bahan Tambah Agregat Kasar Terhadap Kuat Tekan Beton FC’25 MPA

  • Mella sary
  • Farlin Rosyad
Keywords: Waste of Blood Shells, Coarse Aggregate, The Compressive Strength


In Many studies have been carried out on concrete in order to increase the compressive strength of concrete.  One of them is by added material in the form of waste.  In this study, waste in the form of blood clams shells (Anadara Granosa) was used as an additive for coarse aggregate in the concrete mixture.  The purpose of this study was to knew the effect waste of blood shells as and added material for coarse aggregate with a percentage of 0%, 5%, 10%, and 15% on the compressive strength of normal concrete and to knew the percentage of the waste use to produce an optimal mixture.  The result showed that the compressive strength of normal concrete was 0% at 28 days was 27,88 MPa and  the compressive strength of concrete with the addition of 5% shells, 10% and 15% which is 29,65 MPa; 26,72 MPa; and 26,97 MPa.  The Compressive strength of concrete has increased after adding 5% shells, but after adding blood shells exceeding 5% the compressive strength of concrete decreased.  So that the percentage of the use of waste that produces an optimal mixture at the composition of blood shells is 5%.