Analisis Pengendalian Kualitas Produk Paving Block Untuk Mengurangi Tingkat Kerusakan Menggunakan Metode Statistical Quality Control (SQC) (Studi Kasus CV. Halim Jaya Abadi)

  • Erwin Kurnia Sandi
  • M Kumroni Makmuri
Keywords: SQC, Control Chart, Fishbone Chart


In industries that have a national scale such as PT. PUSRI if the production process is stopped will experience a large loss therefore the equipment is carried out continuously and always controlled. Sometimes a device cannot be taken into account when there will be damage. as in one of the production units of the Acid F50-5008JMA pumping machine which is useful to produce denim water. Denim water is an important factor in the production of urea fertilizer. These pumping machines are often damaged and require a large cost in one treatment and repair. Therefore, to overcome this, it is necessary to re-design the pump. The design process is carried out by the QFD method which produces design results that focus on changing the type of material and following standard dimensions. . The design results of the new pump components can reduce the repair time from 3 times each month to 1x each month and reduce repair costs from Rp 145,460,882.69 to Rp 54,108,772.60 it can save costs of Rp 91,352,110.09 / month