Perencanaan Persediaan Spare Part Sepeda Motor Honda Dengan Metode Economic Order Quantity

  • Muhammad Jalaludin Rais
  • Reni Laili
Keywords: EOQ, Sparepart, Forecasting


In order for the company to meet the maximum market demand, it requires good supply planning for the running of a company's operations. CV AHASS Motor jaya which serves the sale of spareparts and motorcycle workshops in palembang city. This company often has problems in stock goods, one way to overcome these problems using the EOQ (Economic Oreder Quantity) method. The EOQ method is to manage inventory in order to optimize the number of stock of goods. This research uses the EOQ method to solve problems in the CV AHASS Motor jaya against vario motor spare parts with the results of research obtained by ABC categorization, Forecasting the number of spare parts needs in the next 6 months and based on the results of Safety Stock calculations can be seen that the decrease in costs varies greatly for each item or spare parts for the next 6 months. Thus the total cost (TC) for February 2022 to July 2022 can be more maximal in terms of cost savings to get optimal profits.