Analisis Alat Monitoring Terhadap Perbedaan Pencahayaan Pada Tanaman Hidroponik

  • Debby Mega Silvia
  • Nina Paramytha
Keywords: Hydroponics.growing light, pHsensors, TDS sensors. DHT22


Hydroponics is a method of farming in which the growing medium uses water. This hydroponic method can be applied indoors (indoor) or outdoors (outdoor). However, plant growth with an indoor hydroponic system does not get enough sunlight, while sunlight is one of the growth factors. Therefore, in this study, an analysis of the growth of mustard pakcoy was carried out with two conditions, namely using the help of a growing light and using direct sunlight. This project monitors the growth of mustard pakcoy by using a pH sensor to maintain the pH value of the solution, a TDS sensor to maintain PPM levels in the solution and DHT22 to maintain the temperature in a hydroponic environment. So that the results of the difference in growth between those using a growing light and those using direct sunlight.