Rancang Bangun Sistem Kendali Pneumatic Pump Dalam Proses Kalibrasi Pressure Transmitter

  • Deni Afrizal
  • Suzi Oktavia Kunang
Keywords: Pressure, Pressure Transmitter Calibration, automatic, error percentage


In the operation of an industry, instrumentation is an important thing. The instrumentation system used to measure the process parameters in the form of gas or liquid pressure in industry is known as a pressure transmitter. The accuracy of a pressure gauge instrumentation is very important so that to get the pressure measurement results as expected (accurate), the transmitter must be calibrated. The instrumentation equipment calibration system generally uses a hand pump, namely manually using the hand in setting the reference pressure and using an avometer to measure the instrumentation signal in the pressure transmitter calibration process. This tool is made with the intention of making this tool 2 in 1. This tool uses a pressure sensor, current sensor and keypad as input and a pneumatic pump, solenoid valve, and LCD as output which will be integrated via Arduino. In the test data, it can be seen that the percentage of error value (% of Span Error) between the pressure sensor readings compared to the pressure transmitter readings is 0.2 to 0.4%FS and it can be seen that the current sensor readings are compared with the standard current calculation results obtained. the percentage of error value (% of Span Error) is 0.0625% to 0.3125% FS. Based on the test results of the pressure sensor and current sensor, the percentage of error value (% of Span Error) is below 0.5% FS, according to IEC Standard no. 13B-23, the percentage of error values below 0.5 %FS belongs to the class 2 specification of 0.5 so it can be concluded that this sensor has a precise level of accuracy and deserves to be used as a reference value for pressure calibration tools.