Rancang Bangun Sistem Peringatan Dini Kebakaran Kebun dengan Tanah dari Lahan Gambut

  • M Rizvian Igamo
  • Nina Paramytha
Keywords: Algorhytm, fire, IOT, microcontroller, peatland, sensor


Indonesia is known to have very large peatlands and the second largest in the world after Brazil. Of the total peatland area in Indonesia, Papua Island has the largest peatland area, followed by Kalimantan Island and Sumatra Island. This early warning system utilizes a dust/smoke sensor as the main tool to detect the presence of smoke from peatland fires. With the support of soil moisture and local air temperature, the microcontroller will make important decisions (decision making) regarding the signals received from these sensors. The microcontroller will send a warning to the user or instruct the water spray system to wet the land around the sensor. The duration of wetting of the surrounding land will be determined based on environmental data sent by the smoke sensor, temperature sensor, and soil moisture sensor. This system will work full time with the support of a power supply system in the form of Accu and equipped with IOT.