Rancang Bangun Alat Ukur Induktansi Dan Frekuensi Meter Berbasis Arduino

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  • Endah Fitriani
Keywords: Arduino, Inductance Meter, Frequency Meter


With the development of electronic technology, electronic measuring instruments are indispensable. measuring tools are equipment that is needed, especially in the learning process of students majoring in electrical engineering, there are lots of measuring tools commonly used both analog and digital measuring instruments. Inductance and Frequency are electronic quantities that are used as material in the measurement practicum, but due to the limitations of the measuring instruments provided by the campus, that hinders the learning process. To anticipate the existing problems, it is necessary to make a tool that can measure the inductance value of the inductor and the frequency. This tool uses an Arduino microcontroller which is equipped with a resonance circuit to read the inductance value and this tool is also equipped with a rechargeable Lithium battery, this tool is also equipped with an LCD which functions to display the measurement results. Thus, it is hoped that this tool can be used in practical learning majoring in electrical engineering