Rancang Bangun Prototype Smarthome Berbasis IOT (Interet Of Think) Menggunakan Arduino Uno R3 Dengan Mengaplikasikan Solar Panel Sebagai Power Suplai Cadangan

  • Khairul Ilham
  • Muhammad Ariandi
Keywords: Smarthome, sensor, ultrasonic, RCWL, radar sensor, LDR, DHT11, Solar Cell,


An IoT-based smarthome system consists of control and monitoring devices, data servers, and access nodes that can be in the form of loads or readings of sensors and other instruments. In this study, the researchers developed a smart home prototype equipped with an automation system for household appliances, consisting of automatic control of turning on the lights according to the surrounding weather conditions and manually, monitoring room temperature with automatic fan ignition, monitoring the water discharge in a reservoir equipped with with automatic water filling, as well as an RCWL radar sensor with a combination of temperature sensors to detect the movement of moving objects around the detection area to activate the fan load. Through the sensor reading notification feature which can be directly monitored from a smartphone device, the state of the sensor and the status of the electrical load installed at home can be monitored and controlled in real time from anywhere. The smart home design also applies a solar cell as a backup power Supply when the electricity from PLN goes out, so that the designed system can work optimally even in the event of a power outage. Based on the test results obtained, the response of the tool in receiving orders and providing access to information from and to the user can work well. Tests through the measurements obtained for the sensor parameters get a logic high reading with a value range of 5.27V on the ldr when detecting light, rcwl of 3.33V when detecting human presence, ultrasonic and temperature sensors at 4.9V level, respectively. Solar cell readings get an average reading of 12.77 V with a closed load condition when exposed to sunlight with sunny weather, so that it can perform the battery charging function properly.