• Muhammad Bagus Zakaria Universitas Bina Darma
  • Achmad Syarifudin Universitas Bina Darma
Keywords: Total bed Load, Water level, Sedimentation


Jakabaring Sport City (JSC) is an area filled with facilities located in the Seberang Ulu area which is five km from the city center of Palembang, South Sumatra. The area above also has an area of approximately 325 hectares, this area is the venue for the 2004 PON XVI, 2011 SEA Games and the last 2018 ASIAN Games, this area also has a stadium with a capacity of 40 thousand people and is the third largest stadium in Indonesia, namely the Gelora Stadium. Srivijaya. The sedimentation process begins with the fall of rainwater which produces kinetic energy as the beginning of the erosion process on the soil surface, when the soil becomes fine particles, some will be left behind and some will be carried away by the air flow and then enter the air body or channel so that it becomes sediment transport. Therefore, this study is needed to determine the amount of sedimentation, and the increase in air level on the effect of sedimentation at the Jakabaring Sport City location. In analyzing the magnitude of the total sediment bed load using the Meyer-Peter Muller method, the Einstein method, and the Frijlink method. The results of the analysis of the basic sediment transport capacity (bed load) carried out at the Jakabaring Sport city Channel location using the MPM empirical method (Meyer, Peter and Muller), Einstein and lane, and frijlink, then in July it was obtained (Tb = 22.03 ton/day MPM (Mayer Peter and Muller)), (Tb = 22.80 ton/day Einstein )and (Tb = 27.93 ton/day Frijlink), In August obtained (Tb = 19.65 ton/day MPM (Mayer Peter and Muller)), (Tb = 24.48 tons/day Einstein ) and (Tb = 29.75 tons/day Frijlink). For the effect of sedimentation on water level after data collection of water level in the period of July and August with taking one-day data with an average for July = 1.7 meters and for August = 1.86 meters, so it can guarantee that the air between July - August has increased due to the influence of sedimentation.

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Muhammad Bagus Zakaria, Universitas Bina Darma

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Achmad Syarifudin, Universitas Bina Darma

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