Hubungan Penerapan Ergonomi Dengan Produktivitas Kerja Pada Karyawan Bagian Office J&T Express

  • Agung Trianda Universitas Bina Darma
  • Christofora Desi Kusmindari Universitas Bina Darma
Keywords: Ergonomic, J&T Ekspress, Cross Sectional, Observation, RULA


J&T Express is an expedition service company that has been established for 3 years in Indonesia. Although J&T Express is a new company compared to its competitors, J&T Express has competitive advantages that its competitors cannot underestimate. This study will reveal the relationship between the application of ergonomics with work productivity in office employees based on gender at the J&T Express Office Bukit Kecil Palembang Branch. This research design uses quantitative methods using cross sectional research, namely research methods that emphasize more on measuring (observation) data on independent and dependent variables only once at a time. This research was conducted by observing the entire population of employees at the office of J&T Express Bukit Kecil Palembang branch. Then a research was conducted on the level of risk generated from the RULA table which was connected with ergonomics theory and seen how work productivity was from the results of the performance assessment that had been carried out at the J&T Express Office every 3 months. The results of this study reveal that there is no significant relationship between the application of ergonomics with work productivity, it can be seen from the p value of 0.911 (p value > 0.05) which indicates that there is no relationship between the independent variable and the dependent variable

Author Biography

Christofora Desi Kusmindari, Universitas Bina Darma

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