Keywords: OWAS, ARD,, ARC, Material Handling, Layout.


  1. Multi karya is an industry engaged in manufacturing that has been established since 2015, this industry Produces with a job shop work system, whose job scheduling process is not in accordance with the order of work and the industry will only operate if it has special orders from consumers. this industry specializes in producing equipment in the form of wooden furniture properties that make teller tables, chairs and filing cabinets. Currently, the layout of production facilities and the physical condition of the work environment are subject to constraints in terms of less efficient work station displacement distance, heavy load of the machine lifted by workers, and irregular working space conditions. Based on the owas attitude code obtained, the category value falls on code 4. The value of category 4 means that the categorical action needs to be improved now on the posture of the work. If repairs are not made as soon as possible, it is highly likely for workers to suffer from MSDS. Once repaired, the output generated by the new floor plan amounts to 9 departments. If you look at the results above, then there is a difference in production flow that is shorter and irregular with the order of workmanship, From the results of calculations carried out, then in the comparison that the result of the difference in distance of material handling in the current layout is 11,468 M2 and the total cost of material handling layout now with a more concise proposal of 22,532 M. With a more compact layout of proposed facilities and according to the order of workmanship.



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Alya Nurul Huda, Universitas Bina Darma

industrial engineering

Christofora Desi Kusmindari, Universitas Bina Darma

industrial engieering