Protototype Pengukur Kecepatan Angin, Arah Angin dan Suhu Udara Pada Lapangan Panahan Berbasis IOT

  • Nurlaila Febriani Sapitri Universitas Bina Darma
  • NINA PARAMYTHA Universitas Bina Darma


Archery is a sport that pays attention to wind speed and wind direction in its game. If the wind is too strong and the direction of the wind is not known then the arrow will not hit the target. In addition, knowing the temperature of the air can also help to regenerate energy. In this case, a tool is needed to measure wind speed, wind direction and air temperature at the same time. By using a hall effect sensor as a wind speed gauge, a compass sensor as a wind direction gauge and a DHT11 sensor as an air temperature gauge, this tool is designed to use the IOT system, where the measurement results will appear immediately in the Blynk application on an Android cellphone. From the results of testing the tool obtained the response to the results of each change in measurement that appears in the application for an average of 3 seconds, from which these results and based on the archery competition regulations, this tool can be used in the archery field.


Keywords : IOT, Hall effect sensor, Compas sensor, DHT11 sensor, Archery field


Author Biographies

Nurlaila Febriani Sapitri, Universitas Bina Darma

Teknik Elektro

NINA PARAMYTHA, Universitas Bina Darma

Teknik Elektro