Analisis Pengambilan Keputusan Pembelian Kendaraan Mobil Daihatsu Menggunakan Analitical Hierarchy Process

  • Sapri Basuni Universitas Bina Darma
  • Desi Kusmindari Universitas Bina Darma
Keywords: Analysis of decision making and analytical hierarchy process.


PT. Encartha Indonesia is a company engaged in selling Daihatsu cars. There are many types of Daihatsu cars that are sold to consumers of the company. Constraints that often occur are that consumers find it difficult to choose the car they are buying. The purpose of this study is first to find out what criteria the consumer prioritizes in buying a personal Daihatsu car, the second is to know which type of private car Daihatsu has chosen by consumers. The method used is the method of analytical hierarchy process. Where it can be easily simplified so as to help speed up the decision-making process by compiling a hierarchy, and provide a comparative value of each criterion to determine the value of the criteria to be considered in determining decisions.