Sistem Informasi Kegiatan Briefing Akademik Study Kasus Universitas Bina Darma Palembang

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Bina Darma University is one of the private universities in Palembang that has various technology facilities, from the University website, SISFO Academic, Student E-Learning, and others. At Bina Darma University has a variety of activity schedules starting from the teaching and learning schedule, off-campus activity schedules to the evaluation schedule, commonly referred to as briefing activities, for the briefing schedule, Bina Darma University is usually done every Monday morning starting from 8 to finished , which is attended by all lecturers, employees and the entire academic community. Even though the activities have been scheduled but there are still some lecturers, employees or academics who cannot attend the evaluation due to certain reasons, which results in the failure of what is discussed in the briefing, in addition to evaluation activities that are only a few hours, resulting in lack of flexibility in conducting joint discussions about what was discussed in the briefing activities. Therefore, so that all can know what is discussed in the briefing and can participate in the study, a knowledge system in the form of a Knowledge Management System is needed as a means for lecturers, employees and other academics to acquire new knowledge, and conduct study.